Making a Difference 2017

 CN Group Titles - Save our Services

In 2016, CN Media launched the campaign, Save our Services, in response to plans to cut health services across north and west Cumbria - including sending women in labour 40 miles away to give birth and closing community hospital beds. Rather than work as individual titles, the publisher decided to have a cross-title campaign for additional impact. The campaign included numerous exclusives, strong human interest stories, and leaked key letters and documents, as well as top level interviews with Government Ministers, and a petition attracting 10,000 signatures. These were submitted as part of the consultation process, along with a strong editorial letter summing up the combined view of the paper's readers and setting out detailed concerns. 

News and Star FRONTChris Story, associate editor of the News & Star, said: "We're incredibly proud of the Save Our Services campaign, which is a strong example of how newspapers such as ours can stand up for and voice the concerns of our communities.

"Our readers want improvements to NHS services - and understand the need for change - but came to us with genuine fears about the proposals."

As a result of the campaign, a 12-month reprieve for maternity services in Whitehaven was later implemented in an attempt to tackle recruitment issues and a pledge to shift more resources into community care despite bed closures.

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