Trusted Local Media Drives Online Consumer Action


More than half of consumers browsing highly trusted local media websites act upon the advertising on the sites, new research has found. 

Research by comScore for 1XL, the local media industry’s online advertising portal, found that but 51 per cent of local media site users undertook an action as a result of seeing an advertisement in the last month.

Forty-six per cent undertook reference actions as a result of seeing an advertisement on a local media website in the last month, 21 per cent visited a retail store, 19 per cent purchased goods or services, and 17 per cent undertook brand activism such as talking about the brand on social media.

Fifty per cent of respondents agreed that advertising and brands featuring on local media websites are trustworthy, compared to 42 per cent  for national news sites , 41 per cent for portals and 23 per cent for social media, 

Seventy-seven per cent of local media consumers agree that, overall, the content on local media websites is trustworthy, the research found.

1XL managing director Scott Gill said: “We’ve all been taught that trust and reputation are important elements of branding. Today, though, trust is not simply a nice thing to have, but a critical strategic asset. Therefore, it makes sense to be specific about how and why it adds value.

“The level of trust in Local Media content is a key advantage of the medium. It attracts advertisers to Local Media sites because the environment of trust lends credibility to their messaging. Consumers will take them more seriously if they are on Local Media sites.”

Eighty per cent of local media consumers agree that the site is an essential source of news and information, 69 per cent agree that it provides information I cannot get elsewhere, and 77 per cent of agree that content is relevant to them, the research found.

comScore undertook the UK research for 1XL by interviewing 3,300 digital users.