Shopping: What Matters to a Local Media Audience?


Consumers are a sophisticated bunch. Some know exactly what they want, where to find it and how to get it. Some need guidance and advice to find what fits right for them. In a constantly connected world it can be difficult to reach a defined audience and directly resonate with them, therefore it is important for media channels to understand the personal habits that influence purchase habits. 

For local newsbrands this is no different; understanding the audience is key to meeting the wants and needs of the consumer. Interestingly a local media audience can be segmented by personal shopping habits and attitudinal attributes to create shopping archetypes.

Using the latest TGI* shopper archetype characteristics, which provide deep insights into the key drivers behind grocery purchasing decisions, we can define what matters to consumers at a local level.

‘Convenience Kings’ are those driven by general convenience factors such as locality, opening hours, parking, ease of use. 57% of all Convenience Kings read a local title, and are 43% more likely to live in the North East of the country. A local media ‘Convenience King’ audience is mainly female (67%) and made up of 1.9m main ‘convenience’ shoppers.


Savvy and passionate shoppers who seek food knowledge from a variety of sources, pay attention to what they buy and are receptive to the opinions of their friends and colleagues are ‘Conscious Connoisseurs’. As a locally defined audience, 24% are between the ages of 45-54 and a high percentage are ABC1 (70%). They are 81% more likely to live in the East and 69% more likely to have a store card. Over half (51%) of ‘Conscious Connoisseurs’ read a local newspaper.


72% of female local media readers are ‘Strategic Savers’. They are driven by the lowest prices, attracted by sales and promotions, seek out special offers and join loyalty schemes. Two million main shoppers fit this criteria, falling mainly in the 35-54 (44%) age range. These Strategic Savers are most likely to live in Wales (52%).


Out of all local media consumers, a quarter are 'Quality Crusaders' - those driven by superior quality and happy to pay a premium for it.

*Research conducted using the latest TGI Q4 2014 (July 2013 – June 2014) data.

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