Loving Local

Research that unequivocally demonstrates that people are becoming increasingly connected to their local community. 

The independent, major UK-wide research project with Crowd DNA gives fresh perspectives on the importance of local community and the associated context of media channels and provides clear and actionable insights on the unique and powerful role of local media.

Loving Local aimed to find out whether people in the UK are feeling more or less engaged with their community and how different media channels enable them to connect with it. Critically, the Loving Local also looks at how local media performs in driving action for advertisers in this context.

Key findings

  • People are spending more time and money locally and are more positive about key issues at a local level.
  • Trusted local media prompts people to have a sense of pride in the area they live.
  • Nearly two-thirds of people act on the advertising in local media.
  • Corporate community involvement is important for 93% of people, with 84% more likely to buy brands that give something back to the community.

Local media is a relevant and informative platform which outperforms other media


There is a real reason for advertisers to use local media as a platform to communicate with their audience