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Launching Frank's Law in 2015, the Dundee Courier and Advertiser campaigned for financial support for those suffering with early dementia. The campaign was inspired by Frank Kopel, a local football legend, who played for Dundee United. Frank was struck down by dementia at an early age. His family were left to cope with not only a devastating diagnosis but also a significant weekly outlay on care costs. Financial support for people with conditions like Frank’s does not kick in until the age of 65. The paper decided to campaign for Frank’s Law to support the thousands of people in similar situations. The Courier’s tireless campaign to ensure free care for under-65s like Frank captured the imagination of the nation’s politicians. The Scottish Government ploughed millions of pounds into addressing the situation and further action was promised.

Then Health Secretary Shona Robison later pledged to consider Frank's Law in January 2017, and in June the Scottish Government lodged a bill at Holyrood to extend free care to under-65s with conditions such as dementia. The campaign was backed by sportsmen Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal.

The campaign today

It was confirmed in September 2017 that Frank's Law would take effect by April 2019 and would benefit at least 9,000 families in Scotland. Frank's wife, Julia Kopel, is also working on setting up the Frank Kopel Foundation which will offer support to former football players with dementia.

Frank's Law came into effect on 1 April 2019, after six years of campaigning by Amanda Kopel. The Scottish Government allocated £30 million to local authorities to deliver Frank’s Law in the 2019-20 Budget and Amanda has since set up the Frank Kopel Foundation, which raises money for dementia research.

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