Making a Difference 2015

 The Sunday Life - Illegal Puppy Farming

The Sunday Life's campaSL Front pageign on puppy farming, with the Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, aimed to completely abolish illegal puppy farming in Northern Ireland. Sunday Life launched an undercover investigation after being contacted by a number of devastated dog owners. The campaign resulted in a year-long investigation using secret cameras and other recording devices into the cruel practice of puppy farming in Ulster. It resulted in 45 dogs being rescued and a court case in which a puppy farmer pleaded guilty.

Urging the public to get behind Sunday Life, USPCA chief executive Stephen Philpott said: “Not only did this powerful campaign shut down a leading puppy farm, it also secured a conviction against a woman who had been causing misery and suffering to animals and dog lovers."

The campaign today

As a result of the campaign, readers have identified a number of other suspected puppy farms across Northern Ireland which became the subject of investigations by authorities. In 2018, the USPCA have since rescued nearly 90 dogs from illegal puppy farms in Northern Ireland. In August, the Government announced they would introduce a ban of unethical puppy and kitten farms, coming into effect in October.

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