Focus on Retail

New insights into the way consumers are maximising value and factors influencing purchase patterns.

People are doing their grocery shopping less frequently but closer to home, with local media continuing to perform strongly at different stages of the path to purchase, according to the LMW commisioned research from BDRC Continental.

The research looked at nine retail sectors – food and groceries, clothing and fashion, DIY/gardening, chemists, entertainment and leisure, opticians, furniture, mobile phones, and household products.  

Key findings

  • People look to maximise value wherever they can with 87 per cent saying they have tightened their belt on the amount they spend.
  • Consumers are not prepared to travel as far to do their shopping, with an average of 5.7 miles.
  • Local media performs strongly in assisting the decision-making process, coming top for showing price rand and providing special offers.

The research found people are increasingly community-focused with 65 per cent saying that they feel part of their community and 83 per cent saying they are proud of the area they live in.


Food & Groceries

In the grocery sector, local media was deemed to be the most useful paid-for media for comparing products and services, showing price range, deciding where to shop, promoting special offers and containing vouchers.