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Native content marketing service through local newsbrands from Local Media Works.

Featurelink creates branded features in local newsbrands across the UK to complement and connect with national campaigns. With local press in print and digital being a trusted platform for local news, Featurelink allows advertisers to target communities with a powerful combination of press editorial and native content.

Enhance national advertising campaigns at a local level

With over 1,000 local newsbrands to choose from and local newspapers in print and digital being read by 42 million GB adults, advertisers can reach the very heart of local communities. Through Featurelink, advertisers can connect, build awareness and emphasise the message of their campaign (YouGov 2018).

Regionalise your content

Speak to a local audience using a message that is relevant to them, with subjects that matter locally and include the local point of view. Local newspapers reach more 15-24 year-olds than commercial radio, whilst 65 per cent of people who read a newspaper everyday read a local newspaper (TGI 2017).

Content within a trusted environment

Local news brands are one of the most trusted sources of news and information in a community, ahead of local commercial TV and radio, as well as being three times (74 per cent) as trusted as social media (22 per cent) (YouGov 2018).

Guaranteed space next to the advertising message

Book a national advertising campaign and we will guarantee editorial space of at least the same size as the advert.

Examples of Featurelink advertorials from 2017:

Recent clients using the Featurelink service:

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