Frequently Asked Questions

What is Featurelink?

Featurelink is an advertising platform for local newspapers that allows advertisers to place advertorials and branded content within a news brand’s print and digital platforms for their campaigns. Featurelink enables advertisers to directly target communities through a trusted and unique medium.

How does it work?

Please provide us with your campaign brief, the locations you wish to target and any other details or requirements. JICREG, the industry’s currency for local media audiences in the UK, enables us to run reports to determine which local newspapers have coverage in selected geographical areas, as well as the demographic information for that title and area, allowing us to pinpoint the right newspapers for your campaign.

If you would like to book a Featurelink for your campaign, please email or you can call Local Media Works on 0207 963 7200.

Who delivers it to the newspapers?

Local Media Works handles all logistics, production and delivery.

Is it just on print?

When booking print it is guaranteed to double in size of the starter ad placement. The Featurelink element will be set by Local Media Works. Content will be given by the advertiser.

LMW will also supply the content to publisher’s news brands on schedule and depending on editorial approval it could run across all the news brand’s platforms, such as their website and social media.

What other services do you provide?

We can provide audience analysis with JICREG, which will provide detailed audience reports for your chosen locations.

We can also provide a selection of local titles for the locations you wish to target, as well as create partnerships and sponsorship opportunities between news brands and advertisers.

How many words can I supply?

You can supply approximately 250 words for the copy, as well as an image and logo. We will also spot check the content that is of reader interest.

Can I run in any newspaper/news brand?

Yes, Featurelink can run in any local newspaper which is a member of the News Media Association

What kind of image will you need?

We will require a high-resolution JPEG image.

Where do I send the copy to?

Please send all copy to

Can I get a voucher copy and the ad in situ?

Yes, you can request a copy of the ad once it has run. Please email any requests to

Do we get to proof the Featurelink?

Yes, you are welcome to proof the copy. However the booking deadline is a week prior to completion so please ensure any proof requests and changes are made well before the deadline.

What is the maximum size of Featurelink you can do?

The maximum size is one page (34x7 – tabloid equivalent of a page). Please do state you are placing a Featurelink when confirming your booking.

If you have any further questions, please do get in touch via or call us on 0207 963 7200.