Awards Categories



This award celebrates the best proposal submitted across all categories and will be the entry that stands out to the judges. 


This award will celebrate a compelling campaign idea that utilises a variety of local media marketing disciplines in fresh and exciting ways. Judges are looking for evidence of innovative local media strategy where the relevant insights which demonstrates outstanding creativity, consistency of brand message and the achievement of key objectives.


Behind every great, ground-breaking idea is some brilliant thinking. This award will reflect where key insights have been used to deliver excellent planning. Judges will be looking for the story of how relevant insights were discovered, how they unlocked the brief and inspired the creative work. Judges wuill be looking for a clearly developed plan which demonstrates how this thinking best responds to client objectives.


This category is given to the campaign with best local and hyperlocal targeting, with a focus on choosing the right local newsbrand channels and geographies for the activity. Judges will be looking to see how consumer behaviour, interests and demographics will be identified and how using this information will help increase return on investment.


This award is given to the most innovative and creative local content marketing approach. Judges will be looking for a clever and engaging use of content with a well thought out content strategy using local media's various content platforms. 


This award rewards thinking outside the box and celebrates those who have searched for and discovered new insights, explored new ways to create behavioural change and created a potent strategic springboard from which the creative ideas can fly. 

713 BestUseofJICREG

This award rewards innovative use of JICREG in their entry to fulfill the brief's objective. Judges will be looking for new ways of implementation as well as thought provoking and creative examples of how JICREG can be used alongside local media campaigns.